our project started in 2003, during my first visit.


Till now 2017, after many visits each year, lots of contact with local people, I know some of the customs and habits.



I took thousands of pictures, each picture tells its own story.

Sadness, happiness, sickness, hope, trust, truth, poverty,

helpless, energy, power, but most of all friendship…


So many things make me happy, unforgettable, some I’ll always remember all of my life, but also sad things,

misunderstandings… nevertheless,


I hope that I’ll be able in the future to do more in order to help people, no matter who they are,

what their religion or

political background is, if they are poor : they need help.


During my visits in Nepal I've seen a lot of improvement, change for the better,

people are willing to have a better life and with our support they can realize great things.


Sure I don't forget to thank my Belgian people for all the support and my Nepali assistent social worker Suresh,

the Nepali and Belgian volunteers, because without them I'm lost.


Child Welfare Chitwan Nepal


Miriam Dendievel

Zwaluwenlaan 33

B8500 Kortrijk-Belgium

gsm 0032496251591

Suresh Pokharel,

Assistent in Nepal,

social worker

Khairahani-Surtana- Nepal

mobile 009779845068197